Herbal Plants Their Uses

Herbal Plants their Uses and Benefits

Get familiar with the different types of herbal plants and spices.

herbal plants their usesDiscover how you can benefit from them in your daily life.

Herbs and spices are nature’s precious gift to mankind.

Herbal plants have also been highly valued for the natural remedies they provide.

Many have faith in herbal health benefits and use them knowingly. In fact the benefits of using herbs for health purposes as been practiced for thousands of years in all parts of the world.


Check out the herbs and spices list.

Discover what herb or spice

may cover your special needs.




Explore Herbal Health Benefits

  • Do you need help to fight obesity?

Check out Aloe Vera.

  • Does your liver hate you? Maybe you had too much Absinthe to drink?

Milk Thistle may be just what you are looking for.

  • Do you have toenail fungus?

 If so, it may be time to check out how oregano can help.

  • Do you struggle trying to control stress and anxiety?

Discover what valerian can do for you.

  • Do have a headache?

Consider meadowsweet. This herb has very special qualities.

  • Do you often suffer from motion sickness? 

Discover how ginger might make your journey much more enjoyable.

  • Do you ever wonder what natural remedy would be good for your heart?

If so, be sure to check out hawthorn and cayenne pepper!


Read about the different herbs and spices and discover more health benefits!

Explore the many strange convictions about the herbal powers in folklore and superstition

Do you have an appearance in court coming up?

Put a marigold flower in your pocket to ensure a favorable ruling.

If you are superstitious that may explain any unlucky events in your life.

  • Did you find rosemary growing in someone’s garden?

That was a sure sign that the woman in that particular home was the master.

  • Are you nervous about something you have to do?

According to old superstitions thyme would give you the courage you need.




It may just enrich our lives if we take a second look at nature’s own wealth of herbal plants and discover how you can use the different herbs in your daily life.

Sadly today too many synthetic and chemical products are being produced. Some may be good and others may be harming us. Can we honestly say we understand how we are affected?

If you have any concerns or suspect a serious illness it is highly recommended you speak to your physician. Herbs will enhance our lives and may contribute to a healthier body and mind when used correctly. 

Welcome to the exhilarating world of herbal plants their uses and benefits!

The difference between Spices and Herbs.

Herb Songs and Poems


  1. says

    I really like what you did with this post to list just a quick tidbit about the spice to entice you to click the link if you want to know more, great idea! I have used ginger regularly for motion sickness in cars and on boats. I like to use http://www.maisonterre.net/ for my herb and spice needs – they carry organic, which I find taste better and provides greater peace of mind, especially when I am using an herb medicinally.

  2. Rosie H says

    What a terrific website! You’ve done a wonderful job! Your descriptions, history and comments are really enlightening and the selected videos are spot on. Thank you for the effort you’ve made to get this info to everyone who so wants it!

  3. MavicEspiritu says

    Yes, the herbs are the best among the rest. Now I have learned that what I do at home is right. And we plant different kinds of herbs because it is not difficult to plant and maintain. I love herbs specially in teas, it adds flavor to the tea. Hmm… here in Thailand most food are served with herb with it

  4. Shajahan says

    In our ancient times people who lived intricate with nature ate herbs as food and used them as the medicine but nowadays that tradition has gone. As they ate herbs and inhale pure air they lived for longer time with good physical and mental health. It is the need of the hour to the current traditions that searching for the healthy food, its poses human return back to his older food traditions.

  5. Grace Obregon says

    Use of herbs for medicine is a great breakthrough in the aspect of health manangement. Our great ancestors has been using herbs to treat their ailment before and its proven to be effective, organic, non toxic and most of all effectove. In our family we are using herbs too in alleviate common ailements. This blog is truly a good tool in providing information and awareness to all.


    Before, I don’t give much attention with these herbs but now that I’ve learned about it’s benefits, I would love to try it too.

  7. Ram Bansal says

    Spices and herbs are saviors of human life through natural healing processes of the body. Most importantly, these provide health through usual foods intakes.

  8. Cotinghiu Razvan says

    Verry interesting things. I know that the herbs are much better than pils or other thing i tested this on my. In my opinion everyoane must know something about herbs.

  9. Rinku says

    Good article about herbs and spices. Everybody should read this article and saw video. So, that they can start using herbs and spices in your life usefully.

  10. peter says

    herbs are very important for health and really aloe vera my grand mother told me to use it and it really gives lot of benefits to human health so friends suggest that we all have to use it .

  11. Sarah says

    That’s such a great thing that you collected all of the herbs and what you can use them for in one site! Now I can use this list whenever I feel sick, to find out what herb I need to use! Genius!

  12. doroffee says

    It’s such an amazing site! I mean, it’s nice to collect all the herbs and their special qualities and powers in a single page, so people can come and check them out. I’ve kn own that herbs can help cure lots of illnesses and help someone to refresh or calm down themselves, but I always tend to forget which one is good for what. Let alone what I can use them in cooking for. Thank you!

  13. Joseph says

    useful blog to get the importance of the herbs which is good for our health. Provides herbal treatment for various health issues. I bookmarked this blog

  14. maria peralta says

    I had some health problems. My dr. gave me a list of several herbs that would help me. Like fresh teas and spices. Im using several of them. and feel really good these days.

  15. Prem says

    There was a time when herbs were known things for healthy food and medicine, people have forgotten them due to revolution of unhealthy and hazardous chemicals.

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