Cayenne Pepper


Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits

Cayenne pepper (Capsicum frutescens) is a perennial plant native to the tropical areas of America. The plant grows to be a bush which about a meter (3 feet) tall.

cayenne pepperIt can be cultivated from seeds in early spring. This plant needs hot and humid conditions to flourish.  The bush produces lovely white-yellowish flowers.

The fruits of the cayenne plant turn red when they are ripe. They are filled with white seeds. The ripe fruits are then dried in the shade.

Cayenne has been cultivated and used in cooking in Central and South America for thousands of years.

It was first introduced to the Europeans as the result of one of Columbus’s voyages.

It was in French Guiana the Europeans fell in love with Cayenne. The capital of French Guiana is also named Cayenne.

Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits

The health benefits of cayenne pepper are amazing and endless. If you can stand the burning sensation of cayenne pepper the rewards are nothing less than superior.

It is important to know that only very small amounts of cayenne pepper are needed to obtain the health benefits of this.  

Cayenne is hotCayenne pepper contains capsaicin, Beta Carotene, Manganese, Potassium, Vitamin A, B6, C, and E. it is the capsaicin which causes the burning sensation. Cayenne pepper actually contains more Vitamin C per unit than citrus fruits.

This was especially beneficial for sailors to help prevent scurvy.

Warning: Do not touch your eyes after handling cayenne pepper. That would certainly be extremely unpleasant.

Cayenne pepper is known for its qualities to stop both internal and external bleeding. For external cuts put some ground cayenne pepper directly on the cut. It will sting, but the bleeding will soon be reduced to a minimum.

cayenne pepper health benefitsCayenne pepper is widely known as a heart remedy.  This spice will open up clogged arteries. This is strong stuff. This spice will also help prevent blood clots and strokes.

Many enjoy spicy cayenne pepper when on a diet. It is known that this hot spice will assist the body to burn calories faster.

It has shown positive results in helping to cure stomach ulcers.

Cayenne pepper lowers cholesterol and brings down blood sugar levels.

This hot chili pepper is often used to improve blood circulation. It may be used externally to areas with poor blood circulation as the hands and feet. Small amounts of cayenne pepper mixed with some lotion and applied on the skin should help increase the circulation in that area.

cayenne pepper benefitsSome even sprinkle cayenne pepper in their socks or shoes to boost the circulation in their feet when the weather is extremely cold.

If you try this method do not wear your favorite socks as the cayenne pepper will give your socks a red stain.

Cayenne pepper is used to treat colic and relieve gas.

Cayenne pepper helps prevent damage to the lungs and assists in clearing chest infections.

Cayenne pepper can be used in a gargle to treat sore throats. Mix some lemon juice and honey in honey in warm water. Sprinkle a little cayenne pepper into the gargle.

Pregnant and breastfeeding woman need to avoid cayenne pepper treatments.

If you suspect a serious disease always consult your doctor. It is never a good idea to treat diseases on your own account. 


Culinary Uses

Cayenne plantCayenne pepper can be sprinkled on just about anything. The only limits are your taste buds. Many enjoy it on their scrambled eggs.

In Mexico cayenne pepper is very popular and they even have cayenne flavored ice cream!

The most common use of cayenne peppers is in sauces. You can easily make your own homemade secret cayenne sauce recipe if you like to experiment.

Remember to remove the white seeds inside the cayenne.

If you like you can dry the seeds and use them to plant your own cayenne bush.